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Loaf Cakes: The Best Dessert You Never Knew Existed. First off, what is a “dessert?” By definition, a dessert is something that’s eaten while a meal is being prepared or served. In the United States, this has been broadly defined to mean any sweet dish that isn’t a coffee drink or tea beverage. Since most people do not think of cakes in these terms, these have often been left out of most cookbooks, which may be why they’re so hard to find and more so expensive than you’d imagine.

Cakes have been around since time immemorial: records have been found as far back as the 12th century, when early Scandinavian settlers would bake meats and eggs into pastries so they could serve to their guests. While these first cakes were typically round and rather flat, they have evolved over the years to become much more elaborate and flavorful. In modern times, the basic ingredients used for baking a cake are flour, butter, baking powder (sometimes called baking soda) and yeast. Different recipes use different kinds of topping. One of the more popular types of toppings is chocolate, although it’s also used in many fruit-flavored recipes, such as those that feature fresh fruit chunks rather than traditional chocolate pieces.

Loaf cakes can be made from a number of different animal products, such as cows, goats, poodles, sheep and swans. These products are usually moistened with fat and then cooked in pans over heat until the consistency is considered to be done. The cake can be baked, either as a hot dog, scone, flatbread or waffle, or sliced into layers and served as a breakfast treat. Some of the most well known versions are warm, white cakes that are made with maple syrup and butter, English cream cakes that are made with cream cheese and nuts, Belgian cakes that are flavored with fruit, raisins and dates, and German cakes that are made with sour cream and eggs.

Loaf cakes are very popular at Christmas time, and many recipes include them. A variation on the Christmas cake is the “sundae” which is a multi-tiered, sweet cake that’s usually made with fruitcake. There are Christmas fruit cake recipes that call for cranberries, raisins and red licorice. A Christmas cake can also contain nuts, dried fruit, sugar, spices, marshmallows, chocolate, and/or nuts.

Loaf cakes are also very popular at Easter. They’re usually made with fruitcake mix that’s mixed with icing. There are Easter cake recipes that call for peaches, plums and/or nectarines. In the summertime, fruitcakes can be used for sandwiches or muffins, and they make a delicious alternative to pancakes. Loaf cakes may not be the best food choice for children, but they can be enjoyed by adults.

Loaf cakes are made in a variety of shapes. They can be round, square, heart-shaped, square, rectangular, triangular, oblong, pan-shaped and even “peach-filled”. Some are filled with chocolate or other sugary toppings, others have no sugary topping. Many are topped with nuts or other spreads. The possibilities are almost endless.

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