Foreplay: Turning Up the Heat

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Foreplay is undoubtedly one of the most effective strategies for enhancing arousal before sex. It leads to a more enjoyable and fulfilling sex. In fact, foreplay can sometimes bring more thrilling pleasures than actual sex by inducing intense orgasms. Whether you have sex with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or porn star escorts in las vegas, foreplay is always a crucial. Use it build up the mood for great action. But there are many ways to engage in steamy foreplay that you should know to make your experience better.

Here are some unexplored ideas that can help you step up your foreplay game:  

Playing with Earlobes

The earlobes are often neglected during foreplay. However, they are the highly sensitive parts of the body in both men and women. Nibble the earlobes, lick the areas behind the ears gently and softly blow into your partner’s ears. What’s more, you can turn your partner on by whispering something sexy into their ears.

Nipple Action

The nipples are also an area with incredible sensations. Many women have confessed to going crazy whenever their partners gently suck, bite, stroke and flick their nipples with their tongues. They say it feels like it comes with a double dose of wow. Although most people engage in nipple action during foreplay, it is important to find unique ways to do to enhance pleasure. Nipple action is recommended for both male and female partners.

Tickling the Back of the Neck and Shoulders

Tickling of the areas at the back of the neck and shoulders lightly can elevate your partner. It even gets more sensitive when coupled with a little love bites.

Massaging the Pubic Bone

There are lots of erotic sensations that you can unlock by gently massaging the pubic bone of your partner. The areas between the anus and the penis are usually the most thrilling. Therefore, massage these areas softly with your fingers while holding his penis up.

Playing with Your Partner’s Hands

Hands have similar nerve endings with genitals. And, you do not have to wait for your partner to start using theirs on your body. Instead, take their hands and slowly guide them to the areas you want touched and how you want them stimulated. Use their hands to gently rub across your face, neck, breasts, shoulders and other areas you like.

Tongue Touching

Although touching your tongues might seem simple, it mostly leads instant arousal. It is amazing if accompanied by sensual ear and neck biting.

Other incredible foreplay ideas that you can try include touching the sides of the torso, massage, touching and licking the thigh areas and teasing the borders around the lips with the tongue.

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